Billboard Advertising

Share Your Brand Story With A Unique Design

Upon request by most of our clients we decided few years ago to include billboard advertising in our service list to provide a one time complete package for customers who want to avoid the stress of  involving multiple agencies. We partner the best agency with the most reasonable cost for both design and rent and negotiated prices in order to fit into our goal of providing best services and reasonable cost.

Tried and tested, billboards located at high traffic convergence points, are the ideal medium to get your brand noticed and established. Billboards are ideal for new product launches and as a long-term brand building strategy – they deliver high reach, and create impact for your ad campaigns. Rankdigital’s extensive and established network of Out Of Home (OOH) media options can provide brands with geo-targeted reach that extends from capital cities to up-country towns across the African continent. Our diverse range of sites allows you to target specific markets, thereby minimizing advertising wastage. We have some great independent research that show the efficacy of billboards, and why billboards deliver ROI for your marketing spend.



Xminger has billboards situated in prime locations accross Ghana. They come in various sizes and are  designed to capture and captivate the viewer.  We have selected the best locations in various towns in the regions to ensure maximum exposure and brand building.

Our advertising spaces are rented to clients who will display their visual for a standard 12 month period or part of. Space rental renewals must be confirmed at least 30 days before the expiration dates.

Our billboards come in the following formats:

  • 5m x 10m
  • 9m x 6m
  • 6m x 12m
  • 12m x 9m
  • 9m x 18m

The billboards come lighted and non-lighted  as preferred.


We offer large format digital printing to our clients.

We reproduced artworks in U.V stabilized digital prints or pressure sensitive vinyl as appropriate. These are guaranteed for at least two years good visual. Alternatively we accept client’s artwork reproduce to size in U.V stabilized digital prints on flex face. In this case we will not accept responsibility for colour fading and material failure. “Pockets” sizes must be obtained from us before they are produced.


Get custom Design to your specific Billboard Advertisment needs.



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