For Every Business that works with Rankdigital, we donate a percentage to support young entrepreneurs

About Us

We strive to be a force for good

As an initiative by the founder of Rankdigital Marketing Consultancy, kojo Acquah Mensah Otabil often known as KAMO, Rankconsult is a special body of the firm introduced to address the hiking unemployment rate in Africa. We do this by scouting start up entrepreneurs and supporting them with, basic branding, funding through loans for expansion, and creating a platform that exposes what they have got to offer. We aim at partnering with investment agencies, Packaging agency and counselors from various fields of work who shares similar interests.

2 Years in Action

Our team of counselors, coaches, mentors and passionate entrepreneurs is made up of people who love what they do and does it with enthusiasm. Together we create the best environments for young entrepreneurs to excel.

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Our Plan

All donations will go to support 3 main objective (Funding, Mentorship, Rebranding). Our objective is scouting young entrepreneurs with high potential businesses Running and providing supports such as Rebranding, Start-up funding and Mentorship  and we’ve achieved great successes.


Spread the word about our program. Even a small donation will make a huge difference.

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Give Mentorship

Give the gift of knowledge and future to support our  objective.

Our Mission

As market enablers, our aims is to explore various funding options and provide support for young entrepreneurs. Donating any amount will go a long way to support young ambitious entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and creating more employment to reduce the unemployment rate

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Start-up Support scheme


Youth Training programmes


Education and Mentorship

Software app or applications market or store with different platforms and layouts from mobile to tablets pcs and different orientation modes..


What We DO

We provide start-up with the best opportunities they require to excel and reach their full potential

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Funding & Investment

Depending on the potentials of a business, we connect startups with financial institutions we partner, who can finance the business to growth with low rate loans.

I believe this is the right direction for us

Business Coaching & Mentoring

We provide startups with mentorship and coaching on how to manage their books. our platform provide unique content on interesting topics such as branding, marketing and advertising. we share stories of refined business men as well as other successful startups to motivate others



AODOOMA is a multi vending project set up Rankdigital Marketing Agency to connect buyers to sellers. it provide startup the platform to exhibit their products and service 

Projects & Programs

Together we can change the world. Find out more about African Entrepreneurship

12th July

Laws of Entrepreneurship with GIZ

Training programs to get updated for our mentees

17-19 August


Networking, Exhibition and pitching

27th October

Rankconsults Leadership meeting and Engagement

Annual leadership meeting to restructure.

Your Donation Can Change Lives

Supports of all forms are welcomed and is accepted with gratitude being monetary donations, voluntary services with ones skill and sponsorship from entities  .



Support us with any small amount to support SMEs.


Support us with your skill and expertise to help train others.



Help us fund our project and platforms to help expose SMEs.

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Together We Can Provide Better Life to All African Young Entrepreneurs

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support for life

Support Our Cause

As it stated this is initiative by Rankdigital Marketing Consultancy and it is funded by a percentage of the companys profit. Volunteering and donations are also other source of lifeblood of our organization, but there are additional ways you can help. You can also support  our cause by donating to our special support unite.

Your Support Means a Lot

Partnering with our organization allows you to make real changes. 

Broaden your reach and impact today.

Our Team

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Policy Practitioner Research Specialist/ Language Practitioner, Data Analyst

System Programmer/Graphic Designer, Website Designer

I.T Specialist


They Are Empowering The Youth

Join them and see what you can do.

Become a Volunteer

We Are Looking for Heroes

What People Think About Us

 really impressed with how you have organized your service to hit directly on the customers needs. a real live changing experience


This is a real life changing project worth supporting, i would love to support with the least i can do to help create jobs




Our experience as proven Marketers, business managers and Entrepreneurs give us a differentiated service delivery – we think like entrepreneurs, business owners and managers. We adopt a  and practical approach in our Branding ,Marketing And Advertising service delivery.


Our doors are ever open for you. Feel free to give us a call or pass by our office today.