Why SMEs Fail Even After Massive Advertising


So today during a sports show on radio, as usual there was an advertisement . normally to grab the attention of people the host normally pause before every segment and give credit to the sponsors of the program as well as running some few commentary about businesses who paid for advertisement. The host did well explaining what the business does and the need to acquire their service and I was easily convinced to take action, in fact before the host finished I had my cell phone ready. normally the contact of the business is reserved for the latter part of the communication and it is repeated numerous times to help prospective client keep up, if they want to reach out for the service or product.

This is where the subject of our conversation starts. There was a quick response from the customer service agent or attendant though ,but I was the first to greet, she responded and without excusing me went back to her conversation with a colleague, whatever she was discussing was actually important than what I had to say, Secondly she came back asking for my name again and when I repeated she responded, ok and went mute waiting for me to speak. Now to summarize this our conversation ended quicker than I expected , I called to get either their website address or mail but she couldn’t provide any.

Customer Service

Customer service comes before advertisement as a startup or medium scale businesses. it is always advisable to spend quality time training and communicating the business concept to the front line workers of the business , Customer service agent are the first point of contact in every business environment. a well trained customer service agents has the ability to retain 80% of the total clients which are attracted through advertisements. The most popular businesses may not not necessarily have the best products, the difference Is customer service

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