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Frequently asked questions

A random selection of FAQs and quick responses

branding & website design related questions

Website designing and development. We build responsive converting websites based on the model of businesses from individual Portfolio websites, institutional and E commerce websites 

Brand Conception . we help businesses develop a branding or rebranding plan to successfully get businesses operational 

Our teams works to make sure websites are designed in the faster. depending on the size of the site a normal website can take a period of three weeks ,while an e commerce website will take 4 weeks to set up with product update

we have a payment structure to facilitate all international transactions

advertising & Marketing related questions

our marketing services are, Product Lunch, Market research (for either new brands introducing a product or old brands who wants to increase their potential customer base), Sponsorship lobbying

You can check our sample work on our portfolio page or visit a list of some of our clients provided below

we have different content creators and we hire based on the niche. though we have internal content writers, Graphic designers and others we work with both internally and externally our main focus is the grant the wishes of our clients and produce a satisfying results. 

we normally leave this to the client to decide, our sole aim is getting our job done effectively. we provide more options for the client to select the one they are ok with, But client must comply with our due processes in order to complete project on time

we have standard rate cards for services such as websites design, Billboard advertising, Social media management & content and video ads, however there are others services where a client only receives quotes after via sms after consultation

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