Global Citizen Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup Exercise At Nungua With Plastic Punch

Global Citizen Beach cleanup

according to statistics, Ghana generates approximately 840,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year and approximately 9.5% of that is collected for recycling. The system of waste pickers operates “below the radar” without formalized standards and processes.

As part of our social responsibility the team at Rankdigital Marketing Consultancy Ltd joined a group of persons who have decided to take actions to save the planet in a combined program that took place at Nungua Turtle beach a suburb of the greater Accra Region of Ghana by Global Citizen and Plastic Punch. Though this exercise did not promise to be the solution to the plastic waste problem in Ghana, it will go a long way to create an awareness about irresponsible disposing of plastic waste.

As a business entity we believe a better business environment encompasses a clean and healthy environment.

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