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Rankdigital Explores Collaboration Opportunities with Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)


Rankdigital Marketing Consultancy Ltd recently participated in a productive meeting hosted by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) at their headquarters. The gathering aimed to shed light on the myriad benefits AGI offers to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), particularly in the manufacturing sector.

The discussion delved into the prevalent challenges faced by local manufacturers, both domestically and in international markets. AGI emphasized its commitment to supporting SMEs in overcoming these hurdles by providing valuable resources, expertise, and networking opportunities.

Key points of discussion included:

  1. Support Mechanisms: AGI highlighted various support mechanisms available to manufacturers, tailored specifically to address the needs of SMEs. These include advisory services, capacity building initiatives, access to financing options, and advocacy efforts to create a conducive business environment.
  2. Overcoming Challenges: AGI outlined strategies to help manufacturers navigate challenges such as regulatory compliance, access to markets, technology adoption, and skills development. By leveraging AGI’s expertise and industry networks, SMEs can overcome these obstacles more effectively.
  3. Trade Mission Events: AGI informed participants about upcoming local and foreign trade mission events aimed at promoting market access and fostering business partnerships. These events provide SMEs with opportunities to showcase their products and services, explore new markets, and forge strategic alliances.
  4. Any Other Business (AoB): The meeting concluded with an open discussion on additional areas where AGI and Rankdigital can collaborate to support SMEs in the manufacturing sector. This included exploring joint initiatives, sharing best practices, and leveraging digital marketing tools to enhance the visibility of local products in both domestic and international markets.

Rankdigital is excited about the prospects of collaborating with AGI to empower SMEs and drive economic growth in Ghana.

Stay tuned for updates on our website as we continue to explore opportunities for partnership and innovation in the manufacturing industry.

Frank Mensah Otabil


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